The Company's Vision And Mission

To create real estate developments that are both desirable and fulfilling our costumers primary needs, while defining a unique community within business center, residential and industrial estate.

  1. To provide high-quality and attractive real estate developments to our residential costumers, meeting the needs for comfort and safety, while fulfilling their desires for getting the best value for their investment;
  2. To provide effective and efficient of spaces and high quality infrastructure for real estate users and meeting their needs for economical and efficient access to commercial centers, comfortable residential and industrial areas;
  3. To recognize the importance of our various shareholders, and to aggressively seek value creation opportunities.
Company Profile

PT. Suryainti Permata Tbk. was established in 1990 and entered the property and real estate development business including facilities and its infrastructure. Company’s operation has grown and develop rapidly. The Company has vast experience and managing in developing industrial estates, housing, office complexes, hotels and office buildings. Various types of innovative products have been developed by the Company, making the Company, even more recognized as one of the most competitive in the Indonesian property industry.

The History of the Company :

The Company was established as PT. Surya Indah Permata and its product lines are Hotels and Condominium. The initial capital amounted to Rp 14,000,000,000 with assets of 30 hectares of land at Jl Raya Juanda, Sidoarjo.

In 1991 the name of the Company was changed to PT Suryainti Permata, Tbk.

As a developing enterprise, in 1997 the Company has increased its capital structure to Rp 250,000,000,000. PT Permata Sumber Investindo as a major shareholder owns 79% the Company’s share.

In the same year, as to strengthen the Capital structure, the Company has increased its capital through initial public offering in the capital market. The Company issued 100,000,000 shares, with the nominal amount of Rp 50,000,000,000. Since the public offering, all of Company’s shares listed and traded in Jakarta Stock Exchange. PT Permata Sumber Investindo as a major shareholder increased its stake to owns 83% of the Company’s share as of 31 December 2012 the share ownership is as follows:
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